A woman in Rifle was arrested recently when a shopper overheard her harassing two Hispanic women and confronted her.

The two women, 30-year-old Fabiola Vasquez and her friend, Nava Marin, were shopping in a City Market store in Rifle recently and were discussing what they would buy in Spanish. Another shopper, 64-year-old Linda Dwyer overheard them and told them since they were in America, they needed to be speaking English.

30-year-old Kamira Trent overheard her tirade and came to the rescue of the two Hispanic women, berating the older woman for her insensitivity.

Telling Dwyre to "not harass people," Trent defended the rights of the two women, which caused Dwyer to get confrontational with Trent, putting her finger in her face.

Dwyer was arrested and charged with two counts of bias-motivated harassment. Dwyer has stated she was exercising her right to free speech when she confronted the two Hispanic women.

I am hopeful that one day stories like this no longer occur.

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