A Colorado family is offering a reward for a handmade baby blanket mistakenly donated to a Goodwill store.

The Borski family has gone to social media in hopes of tracking down the blanket hand-stitched by their grandmother. The family is going so far as to offer a reward for its return. Goodwill stores have offered to assist in getting the heirloom back to them.

According to KRDO, the blanket, roughly 40" X 50" is pink, white, and blue. It consists of nine panels featuring images from various nursery rhymes. The back is pink with rosebuds.

Why the fuss over a single blanket? Jordan Borski told KRDO, “That was my first baby blanket." She added, "That was my mom’s first gift after she struggled to get pregnant.”

While the blanket was donated to Goodwill months ago, it's only recently the Borski family realized the boo-boo. The blanket had been placed in a donation box destined for Goodwill in Monument, Colorado. Employees at that Goodwill turned the place inside out looking for the blanket but came up empty-handed.

What are the odds the blanket made its way to another Goodwill in Colorado? It appears that might be entirely possible. According to HuffPost, items donated to a Goodwill often embark on a much longer journey beyond that of the donation point's sales floor. Among the various fates a donated item may ultimately reach:

  • The Goodwill Retail Store
  • A Goodwill outlet
  • Goodwill auction
  • Textile recyclers

Of course, there is the another possibility; the blanket may have already been sold. In any event, the offer of a reward remains.

What are the odds the blanket made its way to another Goodwill in the state? According to Bradd Hafer, the marketing and communications manager for Goodwill of Colorado, "We have 42 stores throughout the state of Colorado, so once it goes through our processing at our outlet store, it could possibly be redistributed to any one of those stores."

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I sympathize with this family. When my parents died last year, it fell to me to sort through all of their personal belongings including clothes, jewelry, and yes, items such as blankets. In all the confusion I accidentally gave away a few items I meant to save.

The Borski family is offering a reward for the blanket's return. If you have it, have seen it, or have some idea as to its whereabouts, you can email Jordan Borski at Jordan.borski@hotmail.com. Goodwill stores across the state have offered to assist. If you have the blanket, you can take it to your nearest Goodwill store, and they will get it back to the family.

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