I am sure by now you have hard about the lung disease associated with Vaping. Health officials really don't know exactly which chemicals are causing lung disease as many people are suffering. But they do know something is wrong. In fact, there are many stores across the country that are banning the sale of Vaping products. Health officials put out a warning several weeks ago about this lung disease relating to Vaping.

These are the ingredients that officials are looking at banning in cannabis-based vaping products: Polyethylene glycol Vitamin E Acetate; Medium Chain Triglycerides.

There are so many alternatives to vaping and so many cannabis-based products.

If you are experiencing any health symptoms related to Vaping, like shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, weight loss consult your physician.  If you vape you could have a lung injury. For more information on vaping and lung injures log onto the CDC. 

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