The effort to recall Governor Polis has failed to get the needed signatures to place the recall on the ballot.

The Dismiss Polis group needed to gather 631,266 signatures in order to have the issue placed on the ballot, but organizers are saying they were only able to get about half of that number, but the actual number we may never know, as the group is not filing the petition with the Secretary of State.

Part of the issue stems from the fact that there were so many groups trying to achieve the same thing that effort overlapped and, with no official group representing the effort, the measure was doomed to fail.

Many residents in Colorado are unhappy with the Governor due to several laws passed this year, including the "Red Flag" law and the decision to make Colorado a popular vote state.

Polis said the felt the effort was misguided and is pleased he will not have to face a recall effort on the ballot this fall.

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