No matter how long you've spent in Colorado, there are bound to be places and things that you learn about that blow your mind. Quite often, when we dig deep, we find that our great state is absolutely full of interesting and unique parts of history, places we'd never heard of, and other things that just make you go, "wow."

Keep scrolling to explore 12 of these crazy places and things in Colorado that you may have not known were right in our backyard.

Colorado Has a Lot of Crazy History

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Beyond the old mining stories and things you'll find in museums, you may be surprised to find out that Colorado was once home to a legendary recording studio that saw the likes of Joe Walsh and Elton John record timeless music.

There was also a venue that hosted countless classic bands in the 1960s but became a gentlemen's club that still stands today.

Colorado is also said to have been home to the first rural hippie commune in the country which was unfortunately torn down.

In addition to these places that are no longer around, there are many other crazy places and things still around in Colorado that we'll look at.

I Didn't Know that Was in Colorado...

Did you know that Colorado is home to the world's largest botanical garden? How about the largest retail marijuana farm? A home that was built by a guy who was tripping on mushrooms?

All of these things exist, and you can take a look at all of these and more as we explore 12 crazy and unique places and things you may not have known were in Colorado:

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