Chances are you've lived every word of this song. If you've been fortunate enough to break down on I-70, this song is for you.

You know what they say, Country music is all about everyday life. This song proves that fact.

Who are these guys? The name of the band is Rapidgrass. According to their official web page, Rapidgrass is "original mountain music influenced by an active outdoor lifestyle."

The lineup of the band consists of:

  • Mark Morris - guitar /vocals
  • Coleman Smith - violin/mandolin/vocals
  • Carl Minorkey - bass/tenor banjo/vocals
  • Alex Johnstone - mandolin/fiddle/vocals

Hopefully, you've never had to endure a breakdown on an interstate. Being that is unlikely, no doubt you'll agree if one must break down, Interstate 70, especially the Colorado stretch, is a pretty good place to do it.

Take a listen to the tune and see if it rings true to your own experiences.

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