Tomorrow, June 2, is National Doughnut Day. Where would you expect to find Grand Junction's best doughnut? We asked the same question a year ago, and the answer was a bit surprising. Since doughnut venues tend to rise (pun intended) up from time to time, it seemed wise to revisit the question.

Before we get too far, let’s settle one discussion once and for all – is it a donut, or is it a doughnut?

According to, the dictionary-approved spelling for these rings dipped in fat is “Doughnut.” So, then, where did “donut” come from? It seems we have Dunkin’ Donuts to thank for that. Apparently, they’re responsible for the popularization of the abbreviated form.

For the record, a doughnut is NOT a doughnut is NOT a doughnut! As any connoisseur will tell you, some doughnuts make life worth living while others are flat nasty. As delicious as they can be, looking at all the dough and sugar in the doughnuts pictured above almost makes you want to yak.

This same time last year you were asked to vote for GJ's "cream of the crop" doughnut. Your response was a little surprising and a bit of a tearjerker. The first place winner came as no surprise - Homestyle Bakery. In 2nd place, though, with 18.75% of the vote, was a local doughnut shop which had been out of business for some time, namely The Donut Shop Plus. Now that's customer loyalty. The owners of Donut Shop Plus called the studio and asked us to thank those who voted for them.

On a side note, it just so happens Colorado's best doughnut shop is found on the Western Slope. BuzzFeed recently took to Yelp! to find the best doughnut shop in each state and they found Colorado’s right here on the Western Slope. Glenwood Spring’s Sweet ColoraDough came in first in the state.

The world keeps turning, and businesses come and go. When it comes to June 2, 2017, where would one expect to find Grand Junction's best doughnut? Show the love and cast your vote. If we missed someone, please write in the businesses name, and it will be added to the list.

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