The possible expansion of a limestone quarry just outside Glenwood Springs has officials in the Western Colorado town concerned over the hot springs there.

The Mid-Continent Limestone Quarry was purchased in 2016 by Rocky Mountain Resources and is currently occupying 23 acres. The company wants to expand to over 300 acres and it is this expansion that has officials concerned.

Glenwood Springs Mayor Jonathan Godes was quoted as saying:

"It's 500 trucks per day,"  "And every 48 seconds, a truck is going to be coming through town and loading up on a train. Now we know what we're fighting, and it's really beyond our worst nightmares."

The company says it will bring 100 new jobs to the area, but the town's officials are concerned because any change in the water table could negatively impact those businesses, especially the hot springs that rely on it.

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500 trucks rolling through town every day can have a detrimental effect on the aquifer according to Glenwood Springs officials, and that is enough to cause serious concern.

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