Major hail threatens Colorado once again today. Last week, a hailstorm struck Red Rocks, causing injuries to nearly 100 concertgoers during a Louis Tomlinson performance. Although Northern Colorado was not heavily affected by the recent storm, there were reports of pea-sized hail across Northern Colorado.

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Tonight could potentially be very different. Meteorologist Kody Wilson warns of a potential major hailstorm in Northern Colorado.

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The northern front range, SE Wyoming, and far SW Nebraska are now under an ENHANCED risk for severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.

There is a 30% chance of destructive hail within 25 miles of any given location within the orange shade.

In the orange shade, there is…

The Coloradoan reports that Fort Collins could receive hail the size of tennis balls from 2:00-6:00 PM on the I-25 corridor.


According to the National Weather Service, a potential storm can exhibit a range of four significant indicators, with destructive hail being just one among them. It's crucial to remain vigilant and be aware of other dangerous situations that may arise, including damaging winds, tornadoes, and heavy rainfall leading to potential flooding.


Make sure to stay updated with the storm. Try your best to avoid outdoor activities. Plus, seek shelter if a storm is present in your area.

Source: Kody Wilson, The Coloradoan

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