A new bill moving through the Colorado Senate could mean big trouble for local liquor stores.

First, there was the change to allow grocery stores the ability to sell 'full strength' beer. Now, lawmakers are pushing to give big box stores in Colorado the right to sell liquor. Is this a good idea?

It was reported by KKCO News that supports are saying that this move is basically an amendment to last year's decision. To expand sales.

However, detractors are fighting with the argument that this proposed law could virtually wipe out local, mom & pop liquor stores.

Now, I will confess that I do sometimes feel guilty about visiting those big box stores (I hate that phrase 'big box stores), and I believe that they have been partially responsible for driving certain, local type stores and shops out of business, BUT they do employee a lot of people and the convenience and selection are very difficult to turn down.

Here's a YELP list of some of the Grand Junction liquor stores. Would you be sad to see some of these places go out of business? Honestly, I think those big box stores have enough. Actually, MORE than enough (yet I still go there).

This place wouldn't be the same without the legendary Fisher's Liquor Barn sign on Patterson. 1st Street wouldn't look right without Andy's Liquor there. Even Pete's House of Spirit's on North, their sign catches my eye every time driving by. And, honestly, is there a more suited name for a liquor store than College Liquors?

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