People all across the state of Colorado having different opinions on our Governor Jared Polis. But he did make a change yesterday that I think makes sense for the majority of Coloradans.

According to KDVR, Governor Polis announced yesterday that Colorado inmates would no longer receive the COVID-19 vaccine before vulnerable people who have not committed any crimes.

To me, this just seemed like common sense, but the reason that inmates were moved to priority on the list is that the Center for Disease Control said in October that incarcerated adults should be vaccinated before adults over the age of 65 and adults with serious health issues.

Also announced yesterday was that four more inmates have died due to COVID-19 bringing the total to 11 people within the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Many of the outbreaks have happened at correctional facilities that are overpopulated which leaves little room for social distancing.

While our Governor has done many things that I may not agree with, in my opinion, this is absolutely the right decision. While I understand that these inmates have a higher chance of testing positive for COVID-19 due to being so close together, this was all done by choices that they made.

Do I wish there was a better alternative? Of course. But I would never take the vaccine from a kind grandmother who is high risk in a senior care facility who has never done anything wrong in her life to give to someone who made a bad decision. I will admit I have made some very dumb decisions in my life and I don't think people in jail are bad people. But the vaccine should go to older people at high risk before making their way to jail facilities.

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