Funny pug dog in the dog house

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If you see a dog in a car and it is over 70 degrees you should call local authorities. Unfortunately early this month a dog died in a car when the temperature was in the 80's. The Mesa County Animals Shelter has been asked many times when is it safe to take a dog in the car. There is answer is not simple it is never cut and dry. They do recommend to be on the side of caution becuase weather conditions can change drasticlly , leave your pet at home and you know your dog will be safe.

There are many times I want to take my dog with me because it is looking at me with a sad face and you think you are hurting the dog's feelings but it is better to be safe than sorry. I once had to report someone at the grocery store because someone left their pet in the car. The windows were rolled down but it was 100 degrees outside.

For more information about pets and situations log on the Mesa County Website.

Call 242 4646 for more information

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