Police officer's body camera definitely picked up a crime.

At first glance of the headline you might think 'way to go' another win for the police. Well, maybe not after you read this.

Denver police officer, Julian Archuleta had his body camera on when he was conducting an investigation of a shooting case. He may have forgotten that fact. You see, there was a great deal of cash involved in this particular investigation.

At first the camera recorded Archuleta collecting cash from a suspect's clothing, including $100 bills. However, when the cash was counted and logged back at  the station there were no $100 bills. Uh-oh.

When other officers looked at Archuleta's body camera footage, it clearly show the officer stealing around $1,200 from the crime scene.

He has been charged with theft, tampering with physical evidence and official misconduct. He has been suspended without pay for the time being.