Valentine's Day is a great day to make a big impression on your special someone. If you want to make a good impression, these are the places to not take your Valentine's Day date in Grand Junction.

After asking 'where is the worst place to take your Valentine's Day date?' on Facebook, here are some of the responses.

Taking your Valentine's Day date to your spouse's birthday would be awkward. That's because you're trying to celebrate two different celebrations simultaneously and that seems like it could be stressful. You're trying to make sure current holiday, Valentine's Day, is fun filled and memorable. All while that pesky same ole celebration just won't stop coming around, aka your spouse's birthday.

This is a bad place to take your Valentine's Day date because who knows if they're ready for this step. You not only have to introduce them to your mom, but your basement too. What if they prefer more natural ground level light? What if they make you choose between them or your beloved basement?

When it comes to exes, just say no. That goes for their workplace, hangout place and especially their home. Unless this date is a one time thing only, just say no to all of those place. Although, your ex's house could be a perfect place to take your Valentine's Day date -- if you're trying to get rid of them and get back with your ex.

Those aren't the only places you shouldn't take your date on Valentine's Day, here are a few more:

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