Regardless of how much fun you might be having playing the new Pokemon Go app, there are a handful of places in Western Colorado you should probably avoid. These five Grand Junction locations could potentially put your health at risk while playing the game.


What exactly is Pokemon Go? According to Wikipedia... get a load of this:

Pokemon Go is a "free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

Okay, now we're really confused.

Whatever it is, this is the game that has people walking out in front of cars, walking off cliffs, and generally putting themselves in harms way. Here are five places in GJ where you would be wise not to play the game:

  • 1

    12th and North Avenue

    Even under normal circumstances, you're pretty much taking your life in your hands when attempting to cross the intersection at 12th and North Avenue. Having your face buried in your phone won't help.

  • 2

    Parking Garage at 4th and Rood

    Things can get a little congested at the parking garage located at 4th and Rood in downtown Grand Junction. You might want to find a less "claustrophobic" environment to play Pokemon.

  • 3

    Widowmaker Hill on Little Park Road

    People fall and bust their butts on this hill on a daily basis... actually, hourly comes to mind. Expert cyclists biff it on this hill, and that's after years of practice. Imagine trying to negotiate this hill with a phone stuck in your face.

  • Waylon Jordan

    Caves Around the Valley

    You'll find caves all over the Bookcliffs and Glade Park area. They are best left alone. Whatever Pokemon has in store for you in there, you would be better off to just leave it alone.

  • Waylon Jordan

    Edge of Mt. Garfield

    That first step off of the edge of Mt. Garfield is a doozy... about two thousand feet worth. While walking around the top of Mt. Garfield, be sure to look up from your phone from time to time.