Here at 99.9 KEKB, we know that this year has been difficult but we want to help make things a little better. No, we cannot magically make the COVID-19 pandemic disappear but we can try to help make your time at work a little better.

Your time at work is probably looking a little different since March when this pandemic first hit, but we want to help by bringing back those pizza parties to your workplace. We have teamed up with the culinary specialists at Little Caesar's to create the KEKB "Pizza Pizza Party Party."

Here is how it works. Make sure you enter your information below so I know your name, number, and where you work so I know where to drop off the pizza. A couple of times per month I will link up with my friends at Little Caesars to drop off a total of 4 Hot and Ready pizza's for you and your favorite coworkers to enjoy. No purchase necessary, we just need you to sign up below.

Each time we grab a new winner for the KEKB "Pizza Pizza Party Party," we will post a video or picture online as we drop off the delicious food so we can also give a shout out to the local business that won. Just remember if more of your coworkers get signed up to win that will increase the chances of me stopping by your work with the free food.

All you have to do to enter is download the KEKB app and enter your information:

**We will be wearing masks and practicing as much social distancing as possible while dropping off pizza to our winners**

We dropped off our first Pizza Pizza Party Party to Terry at Hoskin Farina & Kampf in Grand Junction and Waylon was lucky enough to jump into a photo with Terry and Tina. Next, we stopped by CapCo to surprise Arlinda with a stack of pizzas. Then we stopped by Axeology to deliver pizzas to Angela. Fingers crossed we stop by your office next, but you can only win if you enter.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Waylon Jordan
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