From the "Where have they been files", Phil Vassar is releasing a new single!

I love Phil Vassar! But what the heck has he been up to?

Well according to Pulse, he's putting a new spin on Santa this year in his new single and video, "Santa's Gone Hollywood" from his Noel Christmas album, which debuts this week.

Phil said, "Man, Santa's fed up with the cold and being out of shape, and winning the lottery gave him the opportunity to change all of that. We had a blast walking the streets of LA and hanging out on the beach . . . "

You may recognize the girl in the video as Debbe Dunning, best known for playing Heidi the "Tool Time" on Home Improvement!

Also featured: actor Juri Muller; Ashlie Kolb, from the nationally syndicated lifestyles show, The Better Show; and author, Fantasy Football talk show host, race car driver and former Playboy Playmate Pilar Lastra.

Check it out: