Forgot your homework? Passed gas? Ate the last cookie? We've all blamed something on our pets before, but here are some true life disasters caused by animals.

#1 This one happened right here in Colorado this past week: An early morning car fire sent cops and firemen streaming to a blaze at Steamboat Springs High School, but the arsonists wasn't even human! Once authorities contained the blaze they were able to determine the cause of the blaze was a Squirrel's Nest! According to the Steamboat Today website the rodents nest was found under the vehicle's hood, and the heat of the engine made it burst into flames, which engulfed the entire car.

#2 This one out of Washington still has Firefighters scratching their heads. According to the Kitsap Sun the mystery revolves around a house fire in which the source seems to have put itself out. The story goes that a couples fish tank sparked a blaze in the home last Sunday, but as the flames rose, the fire cracked the tank, causing the water to flood out, and douse the flames!

#3 And finally a dog that caused a 3 car pile up and fire in China! The criminal in this case broke loose from his owner and tried to cross a busy thoroughfare, only to be clipped by one vehicle which caused a chain reaction of accidents which resulted in a massive fire! Thankfully everyone was okay, even the dog!

They may be our best friends but did you know the average pet costs $5,980 over their lifetime!

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