About a week ago, OnlyFans announced that they would be banning sexually explicit content on their platform beginning October 1st. This, of course, created a ton of backlash from its content creators. It also gave me an idea to create an OnlyFans channel where all I do is cry and eat pizza, but I digress.

Of course, it didn't take long for OnlyFans to reverse their decision and will continue to allow sexually explicit content on the platform. But, while doing some research on OnlyFans, I stumbled upon a similar account that was just as naughty.

Let me introduce you to OnlyFlans. No, that's not a typo, and you did read that right. OnlyFLANS. A Twitter account dedicated to the delectably sweet, jiggly custard treat baked to perfection and dripping with gooey, sticky sweet caramel sauce.

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I do love flan, so I immediately followed. The account consists of videos and pictures of the dessert. The pictures are like artwork, what is it about flan that is so aesthetically pleasing?

Flan can come in different sizes and shapes, but you know that the sauce on top is the pièce de résistance!

It even accepts the mouthwatering hybrid of Choco-flan, which is chocolate cake topped with flan! It's a masterpiece really.

The account gives a brand new meaning to "MILF"

OnlyFlans is here to tell you that they will always accept the explicit flan content:

Just look at this flawless flip!

This account will have you drooling and asking for more. It's enough to tempt you to cheat... on your diet.

Now, where can I find the best flan?


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