Don't you love watching the birds as they fly up to your porch to take advantage of the bird feeders you generously provided? There is one factor to consider before putting out bird feeders during the summer months.

Growing up on Little Park Road in Grand Junction we always had at least a half a dozen hummingbird feeders, not to mention several locations where we put out birdseed. Looking back, this might not have been the best idea.

Check out this video courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife Durango. It offers one compelling reason not to provide bird food, at least not this time of year.

(NOTE: I still use "Coloradoans" as opposed to the newer option, "Coloradans." I'm just an old school kind of guy).

Kudos to the bear in the video. That's raw determination. The other day I went to the gym and was delighted to execute a grand total of three really pathetic pull-ups. This bear is pulling himself up to a second-story patio at a rental north of Durango. I think you'll agree, he did an excellent job.

This bear has some serious ninja skills. He hardly makes a sound. Imagine if you will sitting out on the patio, enjoying a delicious adult beverage, only to have a bear climb up the railing and crash your party.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Durango offers this suggestion when it comes to putting out bird feeders:

Bird feeders can encourage bears to become more comfortable around humans and our homes. Leaving attractants out not only puts you in danger, but compromises the safety of others around you as well. During bear season, always take your bird feeders in at night and take feeders down for the rest of the season if you see bears in your area.

They add the following suggestions:

We recommend not feeding birds during the months when bears are active. Instead, use water features, plant­ings, nest boxes and flowers to attract birds. Use bird feeders only when bears are hibernating.

Summer might be a good time to hold off on the bird feeders. I don't have any feed out, and yet my house has more birds buzzing around than I know what to do with. Between the flower beds, trees, shrubs, and whatever else it is I have around the house, it seems Mother Nature does a pretty good job of providing for the birds. Feeders can wait until the bears hibernate.

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