After a week of not-so-exhaustive searching, the intrepid duo of Guard Dog Fluffy and yours truly have finally discovered the location of the abandoned kiln on the 'Old Kiln Trail.'

Those of you who know about the Old Kiln Trail are probably saying "Big deal, it stands out like a sore thumb." Well, maybe it used to, but no longer.

The 'Old Kiln Trail' on Little Park Road, just a little bit West of the Mica Mines, has not been maintained these last few years. For that matter, it seems to receive very little use from hikers. With the lack of use, the trail has become overgrown with vegetation. That, combined with some fairly decent rainfall this last year, has pretty much erased any trace of the trail.

Fortunately, with the assistance of notes from past hikers to the area, its secret location was revealed last Sunday. Strangely, the kiln is located only about a thousand feet from the trail head.

To find it, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Be selective about the maps you might find on the internet; some are completely inaccurate and confuse more than assist.
  2. Head straight through the gate at the trail head. The path is still visible at this point.
  3. After approximately one thousand feet there is fork in the path. Turn right at the fork, and take the trail to the North. This trail is all but gone.
  4. Once on the path to the North, STOP. Look straight ahead.

About 100 feet ahead, you'll see a few stacked stones peaking out from behind two trees. This is the outer wall of the kiln.

Old Kiln Trail
Waylon Jordan

view from the fork in the trail: the kiln is just left of center behind the two trees. The path emerging from the bottom left of the photo is what remains of the trail after the fork.

Insofar as hikes go, the Old Kiln Trail is a bit of a dud. It really doesn't constitute much of a hike. That having been said, those looking to get outdoors without having to deal with a technically challenging hike might enjoy it. Pets are welcome, but motorized vehicles are not allowed.

Perhaps it's time we get this trail "back on the map" so to speak. The particular route is excellent in the snow. The walk from the trail head to the kiln and back is no more than 20 minutes.

Why not take a moment to enjoy a nice hike with an excellent landmark? Be sure to check out the Old Kiln Trail.

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