Russian President Vladimir Putin's State of the Union address on February 29th included mention of several military targets in the US that could be at risk if American forces join the fight on the ground in Ukraine.

We're taking a closer look at Putin's list of nationwide military targets, including installations in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. See the complete list of targets identified in the photo gallery below.

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Putin's American Targets

The complete list of military targets mentioned during Russian President Putin's recent State of the Union was shared by The Targets include installations in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

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Putin's Target in Utah

One target Putin has his eye on over in Utah is the Hill Air Force Base. Active since World War II, Hill AFB is a maintenance hub for numerous aircraft and weapons systems. A total of 21,938 personnel are stationed at Hill Air Force Base.

Putin's Target in Colorado

Putin's top target in Colorado is Peterson Air Force Base. It's the home of NORAD/NORTHCOM, Space Command, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base, the 302nd Airlift Wingm and the 21st Force Support Squadron. Peterson Air Force Base is home to about 6,750 active duty personnel, and 1,525 reservists.

Putin Threatens 14 US Targets with Nukes, 1 in Colorado

Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly threatened several US targets during his recent State of the Union address, including military installations in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. See the location of all 14 targets in the photo gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

Nuclear Threats: These are the Biggest Targets in Colorado

While Colorado is no longer home to the mighty Atlas or Titan missile complexes of the past, our state hosts a large field of Minuteman III nuclear missiles. Colorado is also home to several Air Forces and Space Force Bases that make the state a likely target in the event of a nuclear exchange. Scroll on to check out a list of Colorado's high-value military targets.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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