When I first caught a glimpse of a fast-moving creature in my headlights a few weeks ago outside the radio studios, I thought my eyes were deceiving me.

The second nighttime encounter with the fleeing animal convinced me this was either a mutated neighborhood cat or what I thought, and dismissed in my first sighting.

Finally, last night (October 17), I caught a shadow of something unusual in my headlights sitting in the parking lot and managed to get close enough to photograph the previously unknown creature before it hopped off.

Photo, Ed Chandler

The photo proved I wasn't hallucinating. The mysterious creature of the night was exactly what I thought I saw, a cottontail rabbit.

I'm used to seeing cottontails around my house which is surrounded by habitat ideal for rabbits.

But, in an area that's mostly buildings, asphalt, and concrete, there's no reason for a wild rabbit to take up residence here.

The mystery of how this cottontail ended up in the city, where it's home is amidst the concrete jungle, and how it survives may never be completely be explained.

One thing I do know, I'm not seeing things that don't exist, at least until Halloween.