It seems like this male senior news anchor was being a little inappropriate with a much younger female reporter while she was doing a story in her bikini. Or was he?

News Anchor Greg Kelly is no stranger to criticism for being outrageous and inappropriate sometimes, but some say he may have crossed the line this time with a female co-worker.

The young female reporter was doing a live report in her bikini at a water park in New Jersey and it proved to be a little too much for Greg Kelly. While she was trying to be serious and professional, he wasn't.

His female co-anchor in the studio tried to calm him down a bit, but not before he said some innuendo-laden statements like-

  • First of all, nice bathing suit.
  • Why are you so out of breath?
  • Bikini reports says "I'm going to go put some clothes on"
  • Greg says "hold on a second-  not so fast"
  • Female reporter in studio "What is wrong with you?

What do you think- pervy old man or just having innocent fun?

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