Hey Cookie Monster, pay attention to this story. According to a new study from Connecticut College in New London, Oreo cookies (especially the creamy center) are just as addictive as cocaine and morphine.

Can you imagine? Oreo cookies as addictive as cocaine and morphine?

A research team at Connecticut College conducted an experiment on rats using a maze with rice cakes on one side and Oreos on the other. The results were then compared with previous tests where rats were given shots of morphine or cocaine on one side of the maze and shots of saline on the other.

Student researchers at Connecticut College claim in their study that rats formed an equally strong association to the Oreos as they did when injected with cocaine or morphine.

And here’s an interesting side note – the researchers also studied the pleasure center of the rats’ brains and found the Oreos activated more neurons than cocaine or morphine.

So, Cookie Monster, you better watch out for those Oreo cookies. But, then again, you probably already knew that.

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