Things are changing drastically when it comes to taking any support animals on flights. The news broke from KDVR, regarding the changes which include only dogs being able to be used as service animals, companions used for emotional support don't count.

The Transportation Department made the change, but this has been an ongoing issue for years between passengers and airlines.

In the past, passengers just needed to show a doctor's note saying they need the animal for emotional support but it's clear that was being abused as cats, turtles, pigs, and even a peacock have made their way onto flights being described as a support animal.

The change had to be made because many passengers are trying to take advantage of the rules, leading to arguments, plus there has been a rise in misbehavior by these emotional-support animals.

If you want to take your support animal moving forward, they need to be a dog, they need to be leashed at all times, and airlines can ban any animals for aggressive behavior. There have been instances with animals on flights biting other passengers.  And there will be a fee for the dog to be held in the cargo hold area of the plane.

There will be difficulties as many pet owners will have to adjust to these new rules but it seems like it will be the safest for all animals and passengers moving forward.

I have two rescue dogs myself, I love animals, but I have never taken my dogs on a flight. I've been around support animals on a flight but never had any issues at all. But I completely understand why the Transportation Department would make these changes.

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