Switchblades and gravity knives have been illegal in Colorado since 1963. Did anyone actually know this? Well, they are legal now.

A Colorado law passed 54 years ago has been reversed.

Back in 1961, there was a movie musical called West Side Story. It featured a classic story of two rival gangs, the Sharks, and the Jets, from different ethnic backgrounds battling for superiority, with a dash of a love story. It also contained fight scenes where the combatants banished switchblade knives.

Well, when that movie hit theaters governments across the country went crazy and started to outlaw switchblade and gravity knives. And yes, Colorado was one of them. the thought back then was, if we make those knives illegal it will stop gang violence.

It seems to be just one of those laws that sort of got lost in the mix over the decades. Even Colorado State Senator Owen Hill and Colorado State Representative Steve Lebsock didn't realize that this law still stood.

So, last week the vote was turned in and the 'West Side Story' law is no more.

Thanks to NBC 9NEWS for the story.

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