This past weekend my wife and I were relaxing on Friday night and decided we wanted to watch the new Netflix documentary called "American Murder: The Family Next Door". It's new to Netflix as it was just released on September 30th. Especially with the Colorado ties, we wanted to see what happened as we didn't live here when the murders took place and the trial was going on.

Having no knowledge about the case was nice as we turned on the documentary, but the graphic nature in which Christopher Watts took the life of not only his wife but his daughters became disturbing quickly. In interviews days after their "disappearance", this man was smiling and joking around on newscasts about his missing family.

And the part that really stuck with both my wife and I wasn't the fact that he killed his own pregnant wife, but to take the life of his two young daughters is disgusting. He was such a coward in the fact that he couldn't just admit to his wife that he was no longer happy and end the marriage without hurting or killing someone.

I'm so glad that the legal system worked in this case putting Christopher Watts behind bars without the possibility of parole serving three life sentences for the murder of Shanann, Bella, and Celeste.

But it still shocks me that there is this type of evil in the world. And I still wonder how Shanann's family feels about a Netflix documentary being released about their daughter's murder. I hope they are at least getting a portion of the money made from this documentary.

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