Why not celebrate National Dog Day all week. Sunday was National Dog Day. We love our pets so much and sometimes more than our significant others. We buy them gifts think about them on holidays and shower them with treats when we go to the store.

So why not honor them every day.

This is Toby, my mom's dog he is probably two years old we got him at the Humane Society. Toby is a little overweight but we are working on that. He seems to like everything my mom eats, we are weaning him from people food and now only dog food for Toby.

My Mom loves this dog so much she thinks she can teach him hot to say, mama. She is still working on it. Pets provide us with unconditional love no matter what type of day we have our pets do not care they only want a little affection from us.

They are there to greet us at the door sit by the window only to get a glimpse of us as we come rolling up in our car. All our four-legged friends want is to sit on our lap, lay at your feet and just wait for a little love.

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