Nashville will feature several fresh new faces when the show returns for its sixth season. CMT has revealed the five new actors who will join the cast in 2018.

Josh Stamberg, Jake Etheridge, Rainee Lyleson, Nic Luken and Dylan Arnold will join the cast of the beloved CMT show for the upcoming season, heightening some of the ongoing storylines with main characters and also bringing new drama and intrigue to Nashville.

Stamberg is a veteran of The Affair, Parenthood and more. According to CMT's announcement, he comes to the show in the recurring role of Darius, described as "an extremely charismatic founder of a self-actualization movement that has transformed many lives."

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Etheridge is new to acting, but he's been part of Nashville previously as a musician. He co-wrote six songs that were featured on Nashville's fifth season, including "Burn to Dark" and "As the Crow Flies." He's set to make his acting debut in the role of Sean, "a military veteran who suffers from severe PTSD and has yet to embrace his natural talent for music."

Lyleson has been cast as Alannah, a singer-songwriter who is new to town. Her character is initially a backup singer, but as the season progresses she becomes a rising star in her own right.

Luken will play the role of Jonah Ford, who's described as a "male pop superstar," and Arnold will portray Twig, Ford's lifelong friend. According to CMT, "As a member of the Ford entourage, he navigates this lifestyle by guarding his anxiety and pain with a caustic, brilliant sense of humor."

There'll be plenty of drama and changes in 2018 for the characters fans have come to know and love over the last five seasons. A sneak peek that CMT released for Season 6 of Nashville shows Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) searching for new guidance after losing her way, while Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten) appears to be contemplating pursuing a new love after the shattering death of his wife, Rayna Jaymes. Click the video at the top of the story for a glimpse of Season 6.

A previously-released trailer shows Juliette having an onstage breakdown.

The sixth season of Nashville is currently in production in Music City. The new episodes premiere in January of 2018.

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