If I found a genie in a magic lamp, I would make three wishes for Grand Junction in 2020.

My chances of finding a magic lamp probably aren't that great, which means the chances of my wishes coming true aren't that great, but, it doesn't hurt to dream.


Zane Mathews

My #1 wish for Grand Junction is a smoother North Avenue. In case you hadn't noticed, it's getting worse. The westbound lanes - particularly between 28 Road and 29 1/2 Road - have gotten especially bad. Crews have been working in recent months to replace gas lines and tie ins which required tearing up the road. Unfortunately, the temporary road repair in many instances leaves much to be desired, and the result is a terribly rough road. In some places, it feels like you're on the Kokopelli Trail in the McInnis Canyons Conservation Area. Just in case you aren't familiar with the trail, let me just tell you, it's pretty rough. I know road repair is costly, but, since we are talking genie in a magic lamp stuff, why not wish for it? I'm told there should be road improvements on North Avenue happening this spring. I'm gonna give the lamp an extra couple of rubs and hope this wish comes true.


Zane Mathews

I keep dreaming about In-N-Out coming to Grand Junction. Yeah, yeah I know not everybody is a fan, but lots of us are and we can hardly wait. Announced Colorado In-N-Out locations include Colorado Springs, Lone Tree, Aurora, and Fort Collins. It's been reported that the fast-food burger chain plans some 50 locations in Colorado locations over the next few years. How soon one comes to Grand Junction is anybody's guess, but it's looking more and more like that will become a reality and not just be a lingering hamburger fantasy. If my genie in the magic lamp can repair North Avenue, I'm confident she - or he - can make 2020 Grand Junction's In-N-Out year.

Getty Images

The secret jumped out of the bag during the holiday season when we played Winter Wonderland by Air Supply during our Continuous Christmas. It was revealed to the world that I am a huge fan of Air Supply and I have never seen them in concert. So many great hits in the 80s like Lost in Love, All Out of Love, Even the Nights Are Better and Every Woman in the World, just to name a few. I'm not delusional enough to think that an Air Supply concert today would be as good as one 35 years ago, but I've got to believe some Air Supply is better than no Air Supply. Maybe the Minnesota Vikings won't win a Super Bowl before I die, but, just maybe I could see Air Supply in concert at the Avalon Theatre in 2020 - and die a happy man.

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