Robert Feldman, who is on trial for the death of his wife is being allowed to use her life insurance money to pay for his defense.

Stacy Feldman was found dead in her shower in 2015 by her husband who had, it is believed staged the murder to look as though his wife fell in the shower. He had been confronted by his wife about his infidelity and it is believed he choked her to death.

He received $751,910 from her insurance and hired a defense attorney to represent him, but initially, he was not allowed to use the funds and was forced to hire a public defender.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled in June that he could use the funds as the law firm is an independent third party and were given the funds legally.

As a result of that decision, Feldman re-hired his defense attorney and the trial will now continue with his attorney being paid by his wife's insurance.

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