The other day, the decision was made to cash in some of the umpteen billion rewards points I've accrued on my credit card, and get a new "Dust Buster." Imagine my delight when the package arrived a few days later. Much to my surprise, though, this tiny Dust Buster was shipped in a box big enough for a major home appliance. Why do they do this?

When this package arrived at my door, it seemed as though I had just been gifted with a Dust Buster meant for King Kong. This box looked like it contained the Cadillac of Dust Busters.

Waylon Jordan

After removing a lifetime's supply of packaging material, this huge box revealed its contents: yet another box. By my math, the box inside could have fit a total of 12 times withing the larger box. So, upon opening the smaller box, can you imagine what awaited? Yes, you guessed it, another box.

Upon opening the third box, the desired contents, namely the aforementioned Dust Buster, complete with super-handy extension pole and optional "carpet extension," were revealed. Following some minor assembly, the full Dust Buster, in all its glory, took fruition. Behold!

Waylon Jordan

Ta-Dah! Who would have ever guessed that a Dust Buster would require a box big enough for the average major home appliance?