One dedicated Carrie Underwood fan from Kansas went all out in tribute to the singer in honor of his late wife.

Lawrence Young, a resident of Concordia, Kansas, had his dream Chevy Silverado truck turned into a collage of photos of Underwood not just in tribute to the singer, but also in honor of his late wife, Kathi. She died in 2010 after suffering severe brain damage due to complications from fibromyalgia surgery that left her with limited ability to speak. She spent her final days laying in bed, listening to Underwood's music.

“When she died, she told me, ‘Stick with Carrie’s music and it will help you through life,'" Young tells the Blast.

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The passionate fan had his son, a graphic designer, map out a design that wraps his truck in photos of the country star. The sides of the vehicle showcase promotional photos ranging from the early days of Underwood's career to live shots of her performing on the Blown Away Tour. His son designed it all from scratch, taking 10 days to complete the project with the total cost reaching $2,000.

Though he received an offer of $175,000 after another fan saw the amazing design, Young won't sell his truck, since he did it not for the money, but to honor his beloved wife and favorite singer. He also reveals that no other music but Underwood's is allowed to be played in his truck, saying he hopes she sees his tribute and will autograph the hood.

"I didn’t do this for money or attention. I did this as a tribute to Carrie and my wife," he says, adding that "Church Bells" is his favorite song by the star.

Underwood is currently recuperating from a nasty fall outside her Nashville-area home that required surgery for her broken wrist. The singer shares in a Nov. 15 tweet that the surgery went well and she's "doing great."

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