Did you know that Colorado is home to a famous Target?

Target, the second biggest department store in America, has nearly 2,000 stores and Colorado is home to one of the most viral locations.

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I didn't know what "Mountain Target" was until I was mindlessly scrolling through TikTok and found this video.

Target Is Jumping on The Trend Too

Canva & TikTok
Canva & TikTok

I guess we now know that Target prefers skiing to snowboarding. I won't hold it against them.

Coloradans Aren't Impressed. Why Is Everybody Else?

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The comments section on any "Mountain Target" video is hilarious. About 80% of commenters are from non-Coloradans, however, the comments that make me laugh are from Coloradans not understanding what the big deal is.

One comment:

Lived here for 30 years and this is the first time I'm hearing about this "famous Target" - @l0w_fr3qu3ncies (TikTok)

Here's another:

POV: You're a Colorado native but never been to Silverthorne but definitely love Target - @rainxvic (TikTok)

And here is my personal favorite:

i work there, we aren't that famous - @hey.its.hannah1 (TikTok)

Why Is Mountain Target Such A Big Deal to Non-Coloradans?

Beautiful mountain view at target
TikTok @Bigtimewizard, Canva

It's the view. Mountain Target is tucked in the Rockies and offers a beautiful view. To Coloradans, this view isn't uncommon. It is fun to watch outsiders discover our stunning landscapes.

Let's Take A Look At The Store

Front of mountain target
@Ashleylucilleb (TikTok), Canva

The store itself looks unique too. This Target in Colorado looks so cozy that I want to find the couch section and take a nap.

Where is Mountain Target?


Mountain Target is in Silverthorne, CO. Silverthorn is 67 miles west of Denver, 127 southwest of Fort Collins, and 180 miles east of Grand Junction.

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