There you are, sipping your coffee as you get ready to head out to get the paper, and you see those two.

Not only do you see them, but they see you, and one of them walks towards you. Slowly.

Thoughts of grabbing the morning paper are replaced with I wonder if this door is strong enough, or, how far into the house can I get before they get me?

Well, those would be my thoughts, anyway.

It makes you wonder what that mountain lion was thinking as he ever so slowly walks toward the door.

"Hmm, what's that behind looking at me?"

"Dang that coffee smells good. So does that human. So many decisions, so little time."

Whatever he was thinking, he sure doesn't seem to be afraid.

It's also kind of a concern because if they have no fear of humans, things can get difficult for them.

But all the same, I don't think if I ever see a mountain lion I would be in favor of going out to pet it or offer it a treat.

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