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As most people know home prices here in Grand Junction have been on the rise lately, and the market moves so fast it can be difficult to find your perfect home in a price range that fits your budget. Savannah and I were very fortunate to find a home we love and will be closing on our new home later this month. This process took lots of time and patience, and an amazing real estate agent (Julie Shafer is the best).

But we have spent hours looking at listings on all the big websites and sometimes it's fun just to see what is out there even outside of our budget. So, I decided to look at all homes currently available in Grand Junction and filtered all the listings by the most expensive homes.

Currently, the most expensive home in Grand Junction is listed at $2,490,000 it has four bedrooms, six bathrooms listed at 5,070 sq ft. The home is located at 2591 G Road and is being titled as a 'modern industrial farmhouse' with Japanese influence. The entire property is 13 acres and consists of four buildings strategically placed for privacy and optimal views of the Grand Valley. The home is completely solar and centrally located plus the master suite has a spa shower, sauna, and fitness room.

While the sticker price of just under $2.5 million might seem very steep for you or me, looking at the pictures make me think this property might be well worth the price. I can't afford it and not sure I ever will be able to but it is a beautiful listing right in our backyard. And it's always fun to dream!

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