You are probably already aware Montrose really rocks. A group invites you to "spread happiness, love, and inspiration through the simple gesture of painting rocks and hiding them throughout the community for people to find." Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Montrose "Rocks"! is a public group on Facebook. Their mission: to "inspire creativity in all ages and bring kids/families back together again in a world gone completely wild."

What materials do you need in order to participate? It's a short list:

  • cheap acrylic paint or acrylic paint pens
  • rock

In the event you want to glue a paper note or a sticker to the rock, you'll need to paint the stone with mod podge. Then, you'll coat with a clear spray to seal the rock.

Where exactly does one get a rock? Well, this isn't exactly New Orleans, an environment with no natural rock. This is Colorado, and we have more rocks than we know what to do with. Simply acquire a landscape or river rock from your yard or any landscaping material retailer.

When your rock has been decorated to your satisfaction, simply hide it for someone else to find. NOTE: Please use a little discretion when choosing your hiding place. Hiding a large rock in the middle of a lawn could have catastrophic results if hit by a lawn mower.

A few years back we had an employee at the studio who did this for fun. This rock has been sitting out in the breezeway behind the studio for about eight years. Granted, it's a little weathered, but it has stood the test of time.

Painted Rock at studio
Waylon Jordan

So you've hidden the rock. Then what? There are people out there searching for your painted rocks. When they find them, they have the option of keeping them or hiding them again for someone else to find. In any event, if you decorate a rock, or find a rock, take a photo and upload it to Montrose "Rocks"! Facebook page. They would love to see it.

This sounds like a family oriented, very inexpensive way to have a little fun. Get started, and be sure to share your photos.

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