The past shapes our future, so it's exciting to hear that a historic building in Montrose, Colorado will be getting revitalized.

According to a press release from the city of Montrose, the Potato Growers Association building has received a grant of $250,000 for restoration from the Colorado State Historical Fund.

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Colorado History of the Potato Growers Association Building

Back in September of 1908 the Montrose Fruit & Produce Association or more commonly referred to as the Montrose Potato Growers Association building was constructed at 39 West Main Street in Montrose, Colorado.

Before the current warehouse was built,  a wooden structure was located in its place but had burned down in June of the same year. The current building was then instead built using bricks.

The warehouse served many different purposes throughout the years such as a location for wool storage, potato storage, and even cold storage for local restaurants.

Colorado State Register of Historic Properties

In 2019 the Montrose city council voted unanimously to designate the warehouse as a historic property due to its significance to the agricultural history of the Western slope.

As a historical property, the building's owners became eligible for rebates and tax credits for preservation and restoration efforts.

"Not only do we as developers gain access to historic preservation funding, which will help ensure that the rehabilitation happens and that it happens in the appropriate manner in which the building deserves, but the recognition cements the building’s place in our community as the cultural and economic hub that it once was," said David Fishering, a co-owner of the building.

The following year the building was also added to the National Historic Registry.

“The Potato Growers Association building was the first privately owned property to be listed on the city’s Register of Historic Places and we are thrilled that the building owners pursued listing it on the State and National Registers as well. We are proud that this beautiful building is now officially recognized nationally as an important historic resource,” said Assistant City Manager Ann Morgenthaler in a 2020 press release.

Restoring Colorado History

After receiving historical state recognition, restoration started on the decade-old building that had long since sat vacant and open to the elements. The warehouse had also fallen victim to a fire in 2012 and needed a new roof and flooring.

"When we preserve buildings in our community, we ensure the unique and visible part of our heritage remains for generations to come," stated Chelsea Rosty, the city's director of business innovation and tourism. “The potato growers building was once a center of commerce and culture. Our hope is through this process, it will become that again."

In January 2020 those necessary repairs were completed without compromising the building's historical integrity.

The Grant from the Colorado State Historical Fund 

According to the City of Montrose, High Oasis, LLC represented by David and Greg Fishering applied with the City of Montrose in July 2021 to file a grant application with the Colorado State Historical Fund.

In August, the application became one of only 41 applications that were funded among the 79 that were received by the State Historical Fund according to Community Program Manager Kendall Cramer.

"The grant is an enabling force that will allow us to move forward with rehabilitating the building in a fashion that maintains its historic integrity while also making it a viable commercial space. We can’t wait to get started and get this building back into use for the community," David Fishering said.

These funds will now be used to repair historic decks around the building, window and door restoration, and exterior masonry repointing.

Changes Over the Years At Colorado Potato Growers Building

If you're interested in seeing how the building has changed throughout the years just keep scrolling to see images from the past and present.

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