Having any part of a park closed in the month of June isn't ideal but the good news is that the Riverbottom Park in Montrose will soon be better than ever. The details were released by the City of Montrose Colorado Government Facebook page as the bicycle pump track in the heart of Riverbottom Park is going to be shut down this week as they work on a reconstruction project.

The project is going to take time as this is a big area to fill with dirt even as they use heavy machinery. The timeline right now looks like over the next 30 days or so park staff will work to complete the project that will then be open to bicyclists of all ages and skill levels.

While crews are working to complete the project officials are asking that everyone please stay outside of the work area. There is no date set on when exactly the new bike track will be open but we will keep an eye on the project and try to let you know just as soon as we find out of an opening date.

From the comment section when the details were released this is something that Montrose citizens are excited about. There were multiple moms that commented about their kids loving to ride their bikes at Riverbottom Park.

*Just make sure you're more careful riding your bike and taking jumps than I was as a kid. When I was younger I decided to go off a jump that was way too big for me and I had no experience, that ended in a broken collarbone. Just be safe and smart when using your bicycle.*

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