It's been 10 years and Ronda Henrichsen is still missing.

It was June 20 2008, when Ronda Henrichsen was staying at the Glenwood Springs Hostel. On the morning of the 21st, she rented a bicycle for the day and then that night, took a cab to Glenwood City and telephoned a family member. She was supposed to board a Greyhound bus for New Mexico, but never made the bus. She has a history of mental health issues and was possibly suicidal.

That was the last time the whereabouts of Ronda Henrichsen were known. She has been missing ever since. However, Colorado law enforcement has stated that more news and knowledge has come to light. Including a possible sighting outside of Rifle.

If anyone has any information on this re-opened case, please notify Crime Stoppers at (970) 945-0101 or (970) 665-2231.

Ronda would now be around 62 years of age. At the time of disappearance she was 5'9 weighing approximately 140 pounds. She had long gray and brown hair, wearing a turban. Hazel green eyes and white skin and freckles.

For more check out the CBI website.

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