There are tons of things to enjoy in Colorado, and as it turns out Millennials absolutely love the state.

According to a new report from Wallethub, Colorado has made the 2022 national rankings as one of the best states for Millennials.

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Methodology for Determining National Rankings

Wallethub based its rankings on a large variety of data. Some of the most important factors in determining which states in the U.S. were best for millennials include the following:

  • Affordability
  • Education & Health
  • Quality of Life
  • Economic Health
  • Civic Engagement

Now while it may serve as a joke for some, apparently coffee affordability was deemed very important when it came to determining the best states for millennials rankings. One of the metrics in affordability was the average price of a Starbucks latte.

Honestly, I'm surprised that a joke about avocado toast wasn't included.

Colorado Rank in the U.S. for Millennials

Colorado ranked number 10 when it came to the best states for millennials with an overall score of 57.55.

Colorado placed third when it came to the largest population of millennials living in the state, with Alaska in second, and the District of Columbia in first.

The report also found that Colorado is number 12 when it comes to the percentage of millennials living with their parents.

States That Beat Colorado In Millennial Rankings

The top state for millennials achieved a score of 67.45 and was none other than the state of Washington.

Source: WalletHub

Something surprising is that Colorado's neighbor to the west, Utah, actually came in at number four with a score of 62.90. Who knew that Utah was better for millennials than Colorado?

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