Mickey Guyton was already having an unforgettable weekend, heading to Inglewood, Calif.'s SoFi Stadium to perform the National Anthem before Super Bowl LVI on Sunday night (Feb. 13.) But to add to the already magical moment, Guyton ran into a royal: The singer posted a photo of herself with Prince Harry.

In the picture, the two pose for the camera in what appears to be a VIP section of the stadium venue.

"I met Prince Harry. He was just lovely," Guyton notes in the caption of her Instagram post documenting the moment. "I even curtsied in my track suit."

Prince Harry, who is the Duke of Sussex, attended the Super Bowl as a spectator with his cousin, Princess Eugenie. As for Guyton, she was working during the big game, performing the National Anthem ahead of kick-off.

As she stepped onto the field for her rendition of the National Anthem, Guyton was fulfilling a major full-circle career moment. The singer was inspired to become a country star when, as a child, she saw LeAnn Rimes perform the National Anthem at a Texas Rangers game, according to Rolling Stone. After Guyton first announced the news that she would be singing at the Super Bowl in 2022, Rimes herself responded with excitement and praise, exclaiming, "There's no one I'd rather hear sing it!"

The big game on Sunday featured the Cincinnati Bengals facing off against the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams clinched the win at the end of a tight game, edging out the Bengals 23-20.

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