If you were busy like me over the weekend, you missed the First Lady busting some mom moves on Friday, but no worries, we got the video here . . .

If you haven't seen what was trending this weekend let us draw your attention to a clip of Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon that went viral over the weekend.

Folks on the internet apparently loved how, Mrs. Obama made the silly moves look good!

Apparently she was on Fallon's show to promote her "Let's Move" anti-childhood obesity campaign.

According to the AP, the skit, called; "Evolution of Mom Dancing," (which is a take-off of a popular video called "Evolution of Dance,") and showed both of them dressed as moms doing some old dance moves like:

  • "Go Shopping, Get Groceries"
  • "Driving the Station Wagon"
  • "Oh My God, I Love This Song"
  • "Where's Your Father (Get Him Back Here)."

and ended with the First Lady performing "The Dougie".

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