The problem of meth addiction in Grand Junction is very real.

A Grand Junction Mother Wants To Share Her Story

My perception and understanding of the meth problem in the Grand Valley took a turn recently when Veronica (not her real name) reached out to me to share her story, in an effort to help other families in Grand Junction whose lives have been torn apart by drugs - and to help others avoid a similar fate.

As Veronica shared her story with me through frequent tears, my heart was touched and it opened my eyes to the horror of drug addiction in Grand Junction. The struggles and heartaches are real. And so are the people facing them. It's a problem that can't be ignored.

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A Story of Abuse, Addiction, Recovery, and Consequences

Veronica is a former meth addict, but there is so much more to her story. Veronica has survived an abusive mother, an abusive husband, a drug-addicted brother, and a son. She has also survived her own time in prison and her battle with drug addiction.

It's a disturbing story for sure. Yet, it does offer a measure of hope to others who are struggling with drug addiction. Either personally or in their family. Drug abuse is a one-way street of misery, despair, and ruin that's rampant in Grand Junction.

Hopefully, by the end of this, you will understand that help is available and there is hope for the future.

Meth Addiction in Grand Junction: A Mother's Tragic Story

Behind every news headline about drugs in Grand Junction, there is a story of real people with real lives and a world of real problems. The names in this story have been changed, but the story is true and the heartbreak is real. This is real life in Grand Junction, Colorado. This is Veronica's story.

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