May is the month when we celebrate Grand Valley Bike Month. "Grand Valley Bike to Work and School" day had to be postponed for the obvious reason, but Bike Month continues.

"Bike to Work and School Day" was scheduled for May 6. Like past years, it was to include BTWD breakfasts at locations including Grand Junction City Hall, Civic Center Park in Fruita, and on Horizon Drive. Sadly, the official events for the day including the breakfasts and afterglow party had to be postponed for 2020.

"National Bike to Work Day" is still a few days down the road. It rolls around every third Friday in the month of May. For 2020, that's coming up this Friday, May 15. While there are no local festivities planned, you can still observe the date and ride your bike to work.

Grand Valley Bike Month, however, will continue for 2020. According to

...things are going to look a little different in an effort to continue to encourage social distancing. Mesa County wants to encourage people to bike for health and transportation throughout the month of May and support local businesses.

During the month of May, you can participate in four bike-themed weeks. The first week's round is already over. It's not too late, though, to catch the remainder of the month's "Selfie Contest." Participants can complete a theme-related activity and send a  photo to for a chance to win. Two winners will be drawn at random each week to win a $20 gift card to a local business.

Do you enjoy Bingo? You can participate in GV Bike Month Bingo by completing the bike-related activities listed in each square. You're shooting a full black-out, 5 in a row, or make an X.

It's time for me to start biking to the studio more often. On occasion, I ride my bike to work (if you want to call this work), but not often. I checked Google Maps, and it puts the commute at exactly four miles. It estimates the trip to take nine minutes by car and 47 minutes by bus. Assuming the average person walks roughly three miles-per-hour, that puts me at an hour and twenty minutes to walk. With that in mind, biking to work, which to date I've never timed, shouldn't take much more than 20 minutes. There's no reason to drive my gas-guzzling grocery-getter to work each day, not when it takes only 11 more minutes to bike.

Several Grand Valley Bike Month events and activities have been canceled. Then again, several events and activities haven't. There's fun to be had in Western Colorado this May. Even though we're well into the month, you can still get on board with Bike Month.

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