The last thing you or anyone wants to do is become a victim of a scam. It can cripple your financial situation, cost you plenty of headaches, and take up lots of your time. But unfortunately, scammers are working hard each day on a new way to scam you out of your hard-earned money. Our Mesa County Sheriff's Office is aware of seven scams that you should be watching out for.

It's amazing how easy you can to become a victim. About 7 years ago, I was ending my workday and got a phone call from my bank. The caller asked me to enter my card number, and without thinking I pulled out my wallet and started typing in the numbers. Then I realized it was a scam. I hung up, called my bank, and a new card was on the way to me immediately. It was a simple mistake while busy at work. It can happen to anyone.

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But here is more information on the specific scams that are hitting Western Colorado.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office Says Watch Out For These Scams

There are currently 7 different scams that the Mesa County Sheriff's Office wants you to watch out for.

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