A Mesa County Sheriff's deputy paid for a woman's meal at a local restaurant. The woman was so grateful, she posted about it on Facebook and paid it forward too.

A Mesa County Sheriff's deputy is reminding us that a small, random act of kindness can go a long way. This deputy paid for a woman's lunch at a local Grand Junction restaurant (Qdoba) and he didn't say a word.

When the woman went to pay for her meal, they told her that she couldn't because the deputy had already paid for it. The deputy paying it forward inspired the woman to pay it forward too. She paid for the customer's meal behind her because of it.

By the time she was done paying, the deputy had gotten into his patrol car and drove away. Since she didn't get a chance to thank the deputy, she decided to post on the Mesa County Sheriff's Office's Facebook.

She posted this on MSCO's Facebook:

I never even got to say thank you as the deputy had already left so I am saying it now! Thank you to whoever you are and I paid your kind gesture forward! MSCD rocks!

It's great to see that this small act of kindness inspired someone else to do the same. I wonder how many other people at Qdoba felt inspired and paid it forward too. I hope this will inspire everyone to do something nice today.

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