Who in their right mind would compete in a 'Tough Mudder' competition knowing most of the contestants are half your age? Mesa County Sheriff Patrol Lieutenant Laurie Galvan, that's who.

At 53-years-old, Galvan's most recent Tough Mudder included running up Snowmass Mountain as part of the muddy 10-plus mile obstacle course, proof positive you're only as old as you feel.

In between training for and participating in these gruelling events, Galvan makes time to spend time with her grandsons. That's right, this tough competitor is also a doting grandmother.

Lieutenant Laurie Galvan Tough Mudder
Courtesy of Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Laurie Galvan

According to an article in the Senior Beacon, Galvan became interested in fitness when she was a member of the Colorado State Patrol because it was required for the job.

When Galvan joined the Mesa County Sheriff's Office in 1993, health and fitness became even more important to her. But it wasn't until a coworker asked her if she felt up to the challenge of a Tough Mudder that she actually considered it.

With the Snowmass event behind her, Galvan is considering events in Lake Tahoe, Southern California, and Mesa Arizona. While she hasn't committed to it yet, Galvan is also thinking about participating in 'The World's Toughest Mudder.'

Courtesy of Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Laurie Galvan

Since I'm in awe of Galvan's tenacity, all I can say comes from the Beach Boys song 'The Little Old Lady From Pasadena' which says, "Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, Go!"

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