There is a new method for scammers attempting to steal your money.

It seems an impossible task to try and keep up with all of the scam attempts that are going, but, somehow we've got to try - because people are losing their hard-earned money. The advent of digital money has opened up another door for fraudulent activity.

Scammers Demanding Payment With Cryptocurrency

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office recently received a number of reports of scammers demanding payment through cryptocurrency ATM. While the method of payment may be different, the standard operating procedure for scammers essentially remains the same - false threats.

Have You Received A Call Like This?

You may have gotten a call from someone saying your electricity is going to be turned off, or there is a warrant out for your arrest. The caller might even tell you your bank account needs to be fixed because your social security number has been compromised. These are all scams.

The MCSO reminds us that government agencies do not accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Additionally, they say legitimate organizations or businesses will never demand electronic payment through cryptocurrency.

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Elderly People Are Prime Targets

When it comes to scams like this, the most vulnerable people are the elderly, which is exactly why they are often targeted. If you have an elderly parent, you've likely witnessed their vulnerability and gullibility. It's important that you continually communicate with them about scams that are preying on the elderly.

If you or a loved one have received a threat or suspicious call, you need to contact authorities and report the potential and attempted fraud. Call 970-242-6707 if you are being threatened or asked to pay a fine or warrant, a utility company, or wire money to a person you have never met.

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